Finding the Optimal Channel Combination

(ePublicist, 2011) The social media arena offers a whole range of possibilities for hotel chains to engage with their customers. Seizing all the opportunities of social media, by being presence on every social network, is not beneficial for hotel chains. By offering theoretic accessibility, the hotel chains might seem very accessible, but in practice they …

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Developing Complaint Management Systems in the Hotel Industry

(Gary Hamel: Open source is one of the greatest management innovations of the 21st century, 2010) The Aldemar hotel chain in Greece is an example of a hotel chain that set up their own complaint management system by using a data-mining technique called case-based reasoning. Case-based reasoning takes place when: “A new problem situation is …

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Co-creating the Luxury Hotel Experience.

Scott Maxwell, 2007 In 2012 the Klaus K hotel (part of the Kämp hotel group) in Helsinki introduced “The Klaus K Living Room Project”. For this project they used the concept co-creation by having a brainstorming session about the upcoming lounge with anyone who wanted to join (Heinrichs, 2013). Co-creation is based on the following …

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