The use of data management can strengthen the customer relationship in the airline industry.

Nowadays it is almost impossible to visit a website without dealing with so called ‘cookies’. They help you, as a customer, by storing your log-in information so you will not have to remember it by heart. But they help the company whose website you are browsing even more. Think of an airline’s website you have browsed recently. By means of data management, they are able to collect important information about you and your browsing behaviour and translate your behaviour into personalized advertisements and offers.  

Now, what exactly is data management? It is “the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.” (Oracle, n.d.). With the gathered data, organizations (in this case, airlines) can make decisions and take actions that will maximize the benefit to the organization. Data management can only be successful when you know what data you have, how to use it, what you will use it for. And, of course, with the permission of your website visitors / customers to use their information. 

The empathy map is a tool that can be used to gain a better insight into the customer, much like a persona, it can represent a customer segment. It gives an insight to what the customer is thinking, but also the needs and what the customer says, for example about your brand. The map is a way to stand in the shoes of the customer. With the data gathered on the website this empathy map can help you understand how to use the data as well as improving the personalisation on the website.

Empathy map by Dave Gray 


Types of events, Peelen book. 105

The model shows that different stages in time and predictability involve different life events. By gathering data on the online behaviour of the customer, can give more insight in the stage of life they are in and what type of product they might be looking for. When an airline observes the online behaviour of the customer and sees that one of their customers is no longer looking at long-haul flights for two adults, but is now looking at short-haul flights for two adults and a baby, it is likely to assume that the customer has a child. They can use this to create a personalised offer for the customer, now focussing on family-friendly destinations and showing the customer that the airline is growing with them.  

Data management can improve the personal offers put on the website and strengthen the customer relationship. With the use of data management it is easier to personalise the offers. The data, the information, you already have by storing the online behaviour by the use of for example cookies. Know the customer, give them personalised offers.

Sandra Graus, Renske de Laat, Sasha Daoud.


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3 thoughts on “The use of data management can strengthen the customer relationship in the airline industry.

  1. I like the blog. Nice introduction into datamanagement.
    In the blog you suddenly talk about a empathy map. Maybe that you can introduce that better?


  2. grefkens

    Why do assume that the customer is not served by translating his browsing behaviour into personalized offers/advertisements?
    How would that work: using gathered data within the empathy map and then understand the customer in a better way?


  3. Nice blog. In the last two paragraphs you mentioned that airlines create personal offers for the customer but there was no example given. What type of personalised offer would they recommend?


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