E-mail marketing? Yes, please!

Sending a newsletter to contact list - E-mail marketing conceptNowadays, getting in touch with consumers can be done throughout multiple channels and in different arenas, however, the focus of this post is on the effectiveness of e-mails in the hotel industry. As one understands, at this stage, the interaction between the hotel and the customers takes place in the digital arena.

As stated in the book written by (Peelen & Beltman, 2013), when it comes to e-mails, the focus needs to be on efficient and effective dialogue between the two parts. Moreover, when looking at the financial situation, the advantage of outbound e-mails is that there are low-production costs and virtually there are no shipping costs. The authors also mention that the marketers have the potential to tailor the e-mail according to the preferences of the consumer which ultimately will lead to a direct response.

According to (Trivago, 2017), e-mail marketing is supposed to deliver the highest ROI, no matter the industry. The process offers the marketers a remarkable method to extend the brand’s name and to personalise the guests’ experiences. The most important thing which needs to be paid attention to is that an effective hotel email marketing starts right after the consumer has booked and the relationship needs to last after the consumers have checked out (Trivago, 2017). What is important to highlight is that the “period between when guests book and when they arrive is critical for their overall experience” (Trivago, 2017). That is why hotels should send out “welcoming emails” with general information about the hotel, but also with information about the city and the area the hotel is situated in. A hotel which follows this example is Harvey’s Point in Ireland. As stated by Deirdre McGlone, the owner of the hotel, the pre-arrival e-mails give the perfect opportunity to find out valuable information with regards to dinner reservations or the arrival times of guests (Trivago, 2017).

Personalisation is another important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when a hotel sends out emails. According to (Myers, 2017), personalisation provides a better connection between the hotel and the customer, reduces the fear (especially when it comes to spam emails), provides trust and shows effort. The same fact is mentioned in the article written by (Del Rowe, 2016); the author explains that the marketers “need to understand the customers’ past behaviour and use that knowledge to speak to them in a relevant fashion”. For example, Best Western started using the geo-targeting method in order to send consumers specific and relevant data based on their locations. By choosing to use this method, they immediately noticed a 10% increase in email click-through rates by the non-rewards members (Gilliland, 2017).

All in all, the email marketing strategy should not be easily dismissed as it helps any kind of industry to build up their relations with the past, current or future customers.


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4 thoughts on “E-mail marketing? Yes, please!

  1. Carla van den Berg-Brantjes

    Agree with you, Andreea, that the power of email marketing should not be discarded, provided attention is paid to personalization. Getting to know your customer as much as possible is important to deliver excellent service. Efficient use of technology helps to achieve that.

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  2. Julianne de Vink

    Nice blog, good examples! It is good that you explained the important factors how hotels can be successful in email marketing in this digital world.

    Liked by 1 person

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