The importance of customer experience mapping in the hostel industry

The best way to understand a customer experience is through a customer experience map. A customer experience map is created from the perspectives of the customers itself (Abraham, 2013). It begins from the moment the client starts searching for a hostel until the moment he leaves the hostel.

When companies use the experience map they are able to plan how they can constantly exceed their clients’ expectations in order to create great experiences (Julie Dent). An opportunity to exceed emotional expectations is to create the wow feeling to clients by remembering when they booked for the last time. Another way is to recognize the client by using their name. These simple acts of kindness make clients feel more welcome and special. The emotions evoked are surprise and satisfaction.

From the moment a client has booked a room at a hostel he or she should be continuously satisfied. The customer journey starts even before the client arrives at the hostel. Before booking clients expect that they will get easily through the booking system and that there will be availability. They expect that if any worries and concerns exist about the booking process and the accommodation itself  they can reach the hostel either by social media or email. Additionally, they expect to get a response within a short period of time and that the hostel is easy to be found.

However, a good way to surprise clients in a positive way is to exactly offer them what they do not expect and create a happy feeling. For example, clients do not expect a welcome card when they arrive at their room. Either a welcome card or a small present could improve their psychical well-being and make them feel more welcome and special. A welcome sign in front of the hostel can also make a difference.

Additionally they don’t expect employees to have a small friendly chat with them or to be greeted like a friend. They just expect a smile and be given a key for their room. They don’t expect to be advised where to go around the area or get a small note with some nice places to visit. Of course on the internet it is easy to find this kind of information, but in this way it seems like the personnel cares about the client.

All in all the customer experience map is a tool for me not to investigate what clients expect, but to observe what they don’t expect in order to evoke positive emotions such as being happily surprised. I believe that clients can experience happiness in the simple unexpected moments which will influence their stay at the hostel in a positive way.



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3 thoughts on “The importance of customer experience mapping in the hostel industry

  1. Carla van den Berg-Brantjes

    Agree 100% Felicia! Being personal and exceeding expectations is very important in order to obtain customer loyalty. Customer experience mapping is certainly valuable, but not only for hostels but for the total hospitality and tourism industry.

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