Is Multi Channel Strategy beneficial for the hotel industry?

Yes Multi channel strategy is beneficial for the hotel industry. Channels over the years always had the power to transform markets and even economies. Especially with new and improved technology hotels can reach more people through new channels and new groups of people. Channels also provide consumers access to hotels and they can significantly affect the revenues and cost structure of an organisation. (Peelen & Beltman, 2013)

Even though we live in a time where technology is everything and new inventions are around the corner every week, not all the channels have to be online because of this. Experts confirmed once that tv and print advertising is not as useful to use for promotion. Hwever in 2012 experts proved that both traditional and new advertising methods are very popular among consumers. Marketing and advertising experts looked at what the most effective marketing strategy would be and which would provide the most value for a company, out of this research they concluded that Multi channelled strategy and build brand awareness would be the most beneficial to use for promotion and make a name of your company. (Freed, 2013)

According to a study Nothofer and Remy using both traditional and electronic channels is very popular among the hotel industry. Besides this they have their own websites and are using online tour operators and travel agencies. However there could be risks in using a Multi channel strategy. When the Multi channel system is poorly coordinated the use of it would not be beneficial for the company. Customers do not like to read different information through different channels. All channels should be linked to each other and provide the same information. Using marketing specialist who are specialised in multi channel strategy can cover this. (Nothofer & Remy, n.d.)

Multi channel stragey is also directly linked to customer experience. Customer experience is a very important aspect for a hotel because if a hotel improves their customer experience is the same as improving their revenue and profit potential. Resolving a complaint of a customer can prevent many extra costs. This is because the question is dealed with immediately, this way customers feel like they received good service. A good use of different channels can create the same foals. Consumers can ask their questions through a website. If the hotel is being smart with the multi channel strategy it has an application where it allows the contact centre to see which page the questions originates from. Through this they can get insight into the click stream of the web visitors and help them through the process. The customers will feel special and will believe that the organisation did everything they could to provide good service, however the hotel knows it is for both sides in the best interest. (Peelen & Beltman, 2013)



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