The benefits of mobile marketing (mobile apps)in the digital arena of the hotel industry.

What is mobile marketing?
According to Marketing Land “Mobile Marketing involves reaching customers and prospects when they’re using the internet away from the traditional home/office desktop environment”. Because of the increased usage of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important for the online business (land, 2015).According to Peelen & Beltman ” The ultimate promise of mobile marketing is to integrate some form of the organization’s presence into the everyday lives of its customer “.

Currently, everyone has a smartphone which they are using for multiple purposes such as stay engaging on social media, writing reviews, searching for information, booking an holiday and making reservations. For the hotel industry this is the opportunity to use mobile marketing in order to generate more customers. They have the opportunity to engage with their customer through mobile marketing which can create a noble experience for the customer (Anastasios A. Economides, 2009).

There are various hotels, who are using this mobile marketing approach. Often, the big chain hotels are using this mobile approach(mobile app) to engage with their customers. For smaller companies it is often not affordable to develop an app because it requires a huge amount of investment.

One successful example is the hotel app of Hilton called “Hilton Honor”. Hilton is a well known hotel chain around the world and is perceived as a very luxurious accommodation. Hilton has created an app, where customers can check in 1 day before their check- in date, customers will receive a notification if the room is ready, customer can order dinner through the app, the departure date can be easily changed and there are much more options. After they created this app, they were be able to reduce some of their fixed costs and were able to engage with their customer through to entire process (Expert, 2014).

The negative aspect of the mobile app is that some companies are not interacting with the customer after the stay. Often, hotels only interacting
with customers before and during the stay. Hilton came up with the brillant idea to interact with the clients after the stay. They have introduced
that the customer can earn points,if they stayed in one of the Hilton chain hotels. Customer can get discount in return of their points (Expert, 2014).

To conclude, mobile apps are very beneficial within the hotel industry. Firstly, it is a huge investment. However, the huge investment can result in decrease of fixed costs. Secondly, companies can interact with the customers before, during and after the stay and create a good experience for the customers through this online approach.


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