Why the support service on social media is so important for the aviation industry


Do you have a question, a comment or a request? Do not hesitate and contact us via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter or LinkedIn. We are here for you day and night, is the message of KLM’s 24/7 service via social media. If their customers will post a messages on one of their social pages KLM will try to do her best to respond within an hour and help with the requests within a day in almost any language. Communicating with your client is very important, especially when you don’t have face to face contact with your client. Support service via social media is nowadays very important in the aviation industry. 

KLM has got a numerous example of how they provide their service to the customers. With their videos they want to prove and show their sometimes unexpected or surprisingly solve the problems of the customers. It’s notable that low cost airlines invest less time on their customer support then the airline which handle higher prices. Therefore cheaper airlines have another target group and their goals are different. They just want to transport the customers in the best way without the hodgepodge. The accessibility of some airlines are less accessible for people who don’t have much money or only want to fly from A to B. For this reason the customer experience is different because customers pay a higher price if they want more attention from the company. Like the airline Emirates is well know for their big planes, excellent food and high service. They are more involved and advanced in the customer experiences than low cost airlines like Ryanair, but the clients also pay a higher price.

Customer service is important because it helps the airlines to differentiate and identify from their competitors. On the other side is it important because it’s often the only contact a customer has with an airline. Clients are vital for the company especially when they become loyal customers if they find the airlines significant. A company with excellent customer service is more likely to get repeat bookings. Therefore clients with a positive experience are likely to tell two or three other people about their experience via word of mouth. The quality of the customer service can be a source of promotion for airlines. By all these reasons it’s important to maintain your customers and give them the best experience to keep them coming to your company.



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