Digital Arena in the Hospitality Industry



Digital engagement can be translated as the using of digital tools and techniques in order to find and engage a community into a certain issue, or, in the case of the hospitality industry, into services. (Digital Engagement, 2016)

According to the article “The Digital Arena – Serving individual Needs in “real-time” “(2013), the digital arena is linked to those who have the need of receiving enjoyment or answers in real time. (Fleerackers, 2013). The same source mentions that the digital arena goes further than social-media, it also means the real-time engagement and communication which gives real time responses.

Customers nowadays are looking for eloquent values and businesses which are able to keep up with their demands. In addition, by updating the way a business in interacting with their customers and adding value to the brand, the customers are prepared for greater experiences. (Pontis, 2016)


Taking the example of Marriott International, they do use the digital arena to grown revenues and customer’s preferences in the online medium. Marriott International implemented a team which activated especially for the online search engine and e-marketing strategies. (eMarketer Inc., n.a.)

Trends of 2016

  • Virtual Reality: In the hotel industry this can be used as a marketing and messaging platform. The hotel which already tested the Virtual Reality is Marriott International, who implemented a “first in-room 4D virtual reality travel experience” where the customers can experience different destinations from their hotel room. (Bethesda, 2015)


  • Video Marketing: Video marketing can be implemented through channels as “Periscope” which allows to share a live video where customers can see a hotel room or the atmosphere from a certain restaurant in real time.


  • Influencer Marketing: This refers to the strategy where persons with a power of influence are promoting a location. By sharing on their personal accounts of Facebook, Instagram, etc. the experiences are reached further.








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