Using mobile apps in the hotel industry and still keep it personal.

Nowadays it is normal to check in to a hotel without speaking to a single person. Reserve a massage at the spa and order room service with just one click on your mobile phone (Weissman, 2013). Mobile is becoming more and more important for the hotel brands, but how can they still keep the personal contact with their guests? In this blog I will write more about the mobile apps hotels are offering and how they keep their personal touch with their guests.


Importance mobile app for hotels
Almost every guest is using their phone during their visit in a hotel. 70% of the travellers who book rooms within a 24 hour period, are using a mobile device and 60% of them will download a new app for their upcoming trip. From these numbers we can see that the importance of being present in the mobile app world is increased. For hotels it has never been so important to have a mobile presence. Hotels need to capture their guests’ attention on the devices they use and trust most. Most of the guest use mobile apps to learn about their surroundings, get directions and most importantly; stay connected. Hotels can use a mobile app and create a mobile concierge that engages and informs their guests. Hotels have to create an app that is unique, helpful and creates memorable service for guests. It has to attract potential guests and keep loyal ones coming back (Agostino, 2013)

So, now we know why it is important to offer a mobile app that is personal and gives the right information. But how can hotels engage with their guests thru a mobile app?

Personal engagement with guests
There are six criteria to increase engagement thru mobile apps:

  1. Make a strong impression;
  2. Gradually expose the depth of your product;
  3. Pay attention to user privacy;
  4. Unexpected app behaviour should not happen;
  5. Avoid app-crashes;
  6. Growth hacking techniques(Abrosimova, sd).

I think the sixth criteria is the one, that hotels can use to keep guests engaging with their hotel. The sixth criteria is a combination of traditional marketing and analytics skills, so hotels can analyse this information to have more loyalty to your app. The purpose is to gain new customers and get active users engaged with your app as often as they can. I also think it is important to keep your guests active on the app by sending notifications or special offers. The guest will keep reminded to use your app, but we can make sure that the app does not have to send each every day a notification. This can be annoying and the guests will delete app as soon as possible. So, be there for your guests and keep them engaged with your hotel but give them enough space to think.


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