Airlines use of social media as interactive marketing


Mobile marketing is developing rapidly and is generally considered to have enormous
potential as a dominant internet infrastructure. The ultimate promise of mobile marketing is to integrate some form of the organisation’s presence into the everyday lives of its customers. With a mobile device, the organisation can enter their living space, their context, identify people and make wireless connections between several media that surround them (Peelen, 2013).


(Turban,E. 2016).

Since the  usage of social media in the arline indutry has become an upcoming trend, it is relevant how to promote relevant content which triggers a high level of customer engagement. As stated in the article of customer engagement and metrics, there are five stages of social media engagement (Turban, 2016). Obviously. the lowest level of engagement is the consuming stage. They only read blogs, watch videos, look at photos, listen to podcasts, and read the reviews and opinions expressed by others occupying higher levels of engagement on websites and forums. While in the collaboration process, people help the organizations to improve their products.

When putting it in the airline context, top airlines usually reach the creation phase as the their best level. There is an example with Cathay Pacific Airline where a customer decided to post some details about his trip on Twitter (Forbes, 2015). He was pleasantly surprised to receive a personal response from the airline when he posted details of his trip on Twitter because other brands rarely interact their followers. The client noticed that Cathay Pacific was different, engaging with nearly everyone who used @cathaypacific in their posts. He decided to test the airline’s social media team and requested an interview with the head of social media. By the end of the day the guy was having an email exchange with Dennis Owen, the group manager for social media at Cathay Pacific Airways.

According to ashraf (2015), there are a couple of airlines that seamlessly post content through different social media channels. For example, Singapore Airlines use beautiful pictures to support their core features such as the luxurious interior and service at an affordable price. Therefore, people often react on the multiple channels with a great variety of comments and professional Airlines respond to each comment made.

Furthermore, the newest platform that has emerged is Instagram. This channel is the perfect opportunity for Airline companies to promote their product and also trendy destinations. Qatar Airlines Instagram account is one of the best in the industry. They have reached more than 10k likes in the picture below.


(Instagram, 2016).

In the case of Qatar Airlines, it can be said that this type of interaction belong to the connected and collecting phase of social media engagement. It can be seen that on Instagram pictures people actively like, comment and tag other friends.

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