Make Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign Succeed by Applying Segmentation

Nowadays accommodation providers increase the number of marketing e-mails they send. However, this increase doesn’t have to result in more traffic to the corresponding website because more effort spend on e-mail marketing doesn’t automatically result in an increase in website traffic and revenue. Nowadays consumers expect inspiring and appealing content and also relevance to your target group is important. If these goals aren’t achieved, then the marketing campaigns of an accommodation provider aren’t successful and effective. (Vos, 2014)

So, again personalization is important in today’s customer-centric economy. The content of the e-mail should be based on the interests and preferences of the individual customer. A way to gain customer knowledge is by segmenting your intern database. This helps you to apply effective one-to-one communication. (Beltman & Peelen, 2013)

For an accommodation provider e-mail marketing has several objectives: to inform the target group, to inspire the target group, to increase the brand awareness and to provide the customers with a better overall service. Of course is the main business objective from the suppliers’ perspective to increase conversion and revenue. For all the above mentioned objectives it is important that the content of the e-mail is relevant; the offer or e-mail in general must match with the personal interests and needs of the individual receiver. To identify those personal needs and interests you need data! (Vos, 2014)

When collecting valuable data, the quality of the data is more important than the quantity. Qualitative data is namely crucial for an effective e-mail marketing campaign. By segmentation of the total database it is possible to determine which segment of individual customers you want to reach. For example, a hotel chain with many wellness facilities wants to approach prospective parents through an e-mail campaign. By using a so called lifecycle e-mail campaign, they can send valuable e-mails at the different life-events during the pregnancy and afterwards when the baby is born. These personal mailings contain interesting and relevant information and specific deals and offers for the parents during the different phases of their lives. This can only be done in an effective way when you apply segmentation. (Vos, 2014)

By creating a division in groups, you can match the content a particular segment will receive with the individual characteristics and interests of this segment. So you use segmentation for applying relevancy in your message. With segmentation you do not have to be limited to basic information like the address, gender and declared interests. Based on the click within the mailings you can see which content is most read and which products will be shown the most interest in. It’s also possible to use a form of cross-selling or up-selling within such a marketing e-mail by stimulating the total booking amount to grow and finding out on new customers’ interests. So to conclude, segmentation helps an accommodation provider to approach the individual customer in a more personal and specific way which makes the total success rate of the marketing campaign increase. (Vos, 2014)

Beltman, R., & Peelen, E. (2013). Customer Relationship Management. (2nd Ed.). Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Pearson Education Limited.

Vos, J. (2014). Effectieve e-mailmarketing, hoe pak je dat nou aan? Retrieved from


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