Customer intelligence is THE method the cruise industry should use to optimize their customer engagement!

We all must have heard at one point about customer intelligence, however only a few know the true meaning of customer intelligence. Customer intelligence is the knowledge a business has of their customers (Aspara et al, 2011). Most of the times the information a business obtains from their customers is through the help of internal and external sources (Peelen & Beltman, 2013). The reason why it could be interesting for the cruise industry to implement customer intelligence, is to understand their customers’ needs and motivation better in order for their business to grow and to improve decisions in regarding to their customers (NG Data). In a nutshell, customer intelligence is mostly about targeting customers through connecting data (Matthews, 2016).

Collecting data from customers can be done through three core data, namely transactional, lifestyle and behavioural data. These are the most commonly used data to gain a better insight into customers. Transactional data is information in regarding to what people purchase, where they purchase their items, how frequently and how much. Lifestyle data is information about who customers are, where they live, what values and what satisfies them. Behavioural data is information which refers to how active customers are online and offline, and on which channels they are most active on (Matthews, 2016).

Customer intelligence is not solely about retracting information of customers, it is about finding out which trends are relevant to which individuals (Advani, 2015). According the Aberdeen Group, research has revealed that companies whom use customer analytics, have a greater customer retention (NG Data). Chan (2005) states that customer intelligence not only assists in customer retention, it also assists in promoting and offering the perfect product to the right customer through the right channels at the right time. Customer intelligence eventually will lead to customer loyalty.

Since the cruise industry is a rapidly growing business, it would need to have a thorough understanding of their customers’ behaviour, and wants and needs. They need to be able to use their customer intelligence analytics to enhance customer engagement. To develop a connection with your customer, one must be interested in the what the customer is all about, otherwise no intimacy can be developed.  However customer intelligence software is a necessary starting point to improve customer engagement in the cruise industry in order to understand customers and to create an emotional connection (Peelen & Beltman, 2013).



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2 thoughts on “Customer intelligence is THE method the cruise industry should use to optimize their customer engagement!”

  1. Agree with you Britt, that C.I. offers great opportunities for the cruise industry to enhance engagement.


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