Relationship policy on life events in the hospitality industry

At the moment, hotels are using different marketing strategies to reach their marketing goals. These goals can be purchase, inform or to create awareness. Because the hospitality industry is a changing environment it is important to have a personalized, relationship focused marketing strategy.

To obtain this personalized strategy, many organisations are using the relationship policy in their marketing strategy. Relationship policy is a policy which helps to build a relationship in order to increase the value of the customer base. There are different ways to do this. (Peelen & Beltman, 2013)

The first way is to increase value is to select a relationship policy on by segmentation. Relationship policy by segment is two (or more) different segments which are compared to create a better relationship. Specific value proposition in terms of customization and pricing also, how the company will communicate to the customer are discussed in this policy.

Another way to increase the value of customer base, is relationship policy on life events. This takes the customers lives into account. Mostly by considering customers critical, meaningful and important periods. Hereby the company is looking into the customer’s life-cycle, to create a relationship to increase the value of the customer base. (Arthur Weissman, 2008)

Within the hotel industry it is important to have continuous communication throughout the guest lifecycle. “By knowing, it is anticipating what somebody needs and improving the merchandising experience.” (Skift & Revinate, 2015)

By applying this policy, not only the customer satisfaction is increasing but also the send per day raises. During their stay there are three moments which data, hotels collect by the booking, can be used:

The first contact moment. With the collected data, you can already see which type of activities they would like to do. A married couple will receive information via email in the weekend, included of special offers, weekend activities like wine tasting in the afternoon. When having a family staying over at your hotel, they can be notified if they need any extra facilities for the kids.

During the stay. With the same data, you can make sure that your guest has the ultimate experience. Provide the guest with small favors. You will make parents with children happy with a stuffed animal or a coloring book. Food lovers, love to take a sneak peek into the kitchen or have a wine pairing with the sommelier.

Moreover, a business traveler does not want to spend much time thinking about laundry, as he/she already has enough meetings planned during the day. Many hotels (like Hilton) have a laundry and wake up service to make sure the traveler is fully focused on their stay.

Also, there are many applications created, which hotel use, to give the guest full control over their stay. Virgin Hotels’ has an app which streams television, adjust room temperature or books spa treatments. Marriot also has a service app, that offers personalized offers, like spa, food and fitness deals.

After the stay. With all the collected data, you will make sure the guest returns to your hotel. Currently hotels send out email surveys for the collection of feedback. By knowing about the guest life cycle and activities done during his/her stay, a survey can be very effective. This make sure the guest feels special and unique. (Skift & Revinate, 2015)

To conclude, hotels do use the policy of relationship to increase customer base by building relationship. This has been done in three moments, before, during and after the stay. Also, there are many big hotel chains who already have an extensive relationship policy which operated great and creates a deeper bond with the guest.



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One thought on “Relationship policy on life events in the hospitality industry”

  1. Nice article, I can follow your direction. However, due to the vast amount of literature available on this subject, I think some of your points could be re-enforced with extra references. Try Buhalis & wagner article, it breaks down the pre, during and post touchpoints in an interesting way. Overall I like your reflection on relationship marketing

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