Role of Technology in Customer Engagement Management

According to, the customer experience is defined as a conscious and subconscious perception of customer’s relationship with a brand. The same sources, defines the idea that customer experience management goes further than knowing your customers and keeping track of their online behavior. It goes to the point where the services provider is able to create personalized products and experiences, idea which generates loyalty from the recipients. All this factors engage the customer. ( SAS Institute Inc., 2016)

Having contact with customers through the internet creates a “human-machine interaction” and brings consumer knowledge, builds customer relationship and it can also shape the customer’s perception over the services offered. Taking into consideration these aspects it can be said that the technology used in a business has the role of a delivery channel. (Peelen & Beltman, 2013)

Social Media Marketing

Social media environments are considered to be the biggest platforms for marketing use in the online.

Therefore, social media is an important tool to keep a business updated to potential client’s requests. Developing marketing strategies through Social media gives the opportunity to presents and update visitors which are truly interested, based on their history and online behavior. By giving only what they are interested in, helps to bond a relationship with the customer before he makes use of the service and improve its experience with the company.

Intelligent systems

The role of technology in the hospitality industry goes further than marketing strategies or attracting potential clients. An interesting side of making use of technology goes to the idea mentioned by in order to create loyalty by managing customer’s experience, nowadays, the hotel rooms can be personalized for a certain customer by memorizing for example the beverages he ordered, room temperatures, etc. Not only that the experience created to customers is tailored, but the data used can be linked to the purchase system of the business. (Best Hospitality Degrees, n.d.)

Customer’s Technologies

According to Edwards (2016) for, technologies are helping nowadays the businesses to meet their customer’s expectations, therefore, he mentions a series of concepts which are creating the link:

  1. Service automation: The guests do not have to wait in lines when they want to contact the staff or check-in. This will be done by the simple use of a smart phone or I Pad.
  2. Digital signage: This has the aim of keeping the customers update with new offers or upcoming events
  3. Mobile device support: Nowadays, people like the things to happen fast. Thus, the hospitality industry has complied. Many tourist travel with devices so the hotel operators updated the rooms with hi-tech support. (Edwards, 2016)




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