How important is co-creation to the hotel Industry

What is co-creation?

According to Peelen & Beltman“Co-creation is a form of open innovation. The word itself hints at the creative contribution of more than one person or entity. The focus is on the end-user and the place or context in which they live and experience the product and/or services. The needs and desires of the end-user are the starting point, not the technology, the patent, the factory or ready-made building blocks”.

The hotel industry is a service industry. The customers are the fundamentals of the business. In order to generate more customers, organization needs to engage the customers in the development processes. Since, the customer is the fundamental of the business, their needs and wants should be the starting point of the business(Peelen & Beltman, 2013).

If the customer is already engaged in the early stage of the development process, this leads to advantages for the industry. One of the biggest advantage according to Peelen & Beltman is “the inventors can get recognition for their work and derive status from it”. This will result in brand awareness, and the other advantage can be lower costs related to the last minute adaptations.

Despite the advantage, there are some disadvantages related to co-creation. For instance, the ho-tel industry is a difficult environment, because interaction with the customer has a direct influ-ence on their experience. Thus, the product should match the customer expectation (cocreators, 2015). Nevertheless, the advantage of co-creation has more benefits according to Peelen & Belt-man. Therefore, every organization should use the co-creation principle for their business.

A good example of co-creation is the online ideation of the Starwood’s Marriott Travel Brilliantly initiative. This is a well-executed online platform, where guests can submit their ideas and give their opinion on the ideas of their fellow guests. In conclusion, this approach is just an online sug-gestion box. However, the guests can share their ideas and give feedback, which can be used to improve the service. By doings this, the guest will be taken more seriously (cocreators, 2015).

In conclusion, co-creation is significantly important for the hotel industry. The co-creation prin-ciples has many advantages for the company which will result in brand awareness and loyalty. Customers wants to be heard and recognized. Therefore, if a company will interact with the cus-tomers according the co-creation principle, it will certainly result in higher revenue.


Cocreators, T. (2015). Co-creating the Hospitality Experience. Retrieved September 26, 2016, from

Peelen, E., & Beltman, R. (2013). Customer Relationship Management (2nd edition)


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