The importance of customer journey mapping in the hotel industry.

In the hotel industry it is crucial to engage with your customers to have good customer relationships. From the first moment that your customer makes contact with your hotel till way after their first stay at the hotel, you will have contact with them on a regular basis. Your customer will go through different stages during this time which is called ‘The customer Journey’. With customer journey mapping you could improve your customer relationships by finding out how the guests experience your engagement with them during every stage.

Customer journey in the hotel industry goes as follows:

  1. Travel idea / inspiration
  2. Research
  3. Booking / purchase
  4. Stay at the hotel
  5. Post-stay

In all these different stages the hotels communicate differently with their (potential) customers and they have a different goal during all the stages. For the hotels it is important to get more insight in what their customers experiences are during this journey. They need to make sure their customers feel like they are taken seriously and that they get a memorable and valuable experience out of it. (Peelen & Beltman, 2013)

It is important to have a good customer journey mapping strategy since this enables you to identify the expectations and desires of individual customers. It will also provide you with more appropriate services and products at each stage in their customer journey. It is important to make persona’s for your various types of customers that you receive at your hotel, since they all have different wants and needs during their journey. Afterwards you could determine which persona is the most important to you by ranking them in importance. Later on you could start identifying the different steps in their journey by determining which moments were most important for the persona and finding out what they desire and expect.  (Dent, n.d.)

Identifying what your customers want and expect will increase the customer value and customer satisfaction. By mapping the customer journey, the hotels can figure out what the most important touchpoints are,  between them and their customer, and they could improve these by enhancing the customer experience with solutions for detected problems.  By enhancing their customer experience there is a higher chance that they will become loyal to your brand. They will also become more likely to recommend you to other potential customers, and they also are more likely to spend more at your hotel through for example upgrading their room or making more use of room service, which will result in more revenue. (Dent, n.d.)

To conclude, customer journey mapping will result in improving your communications with your customers. It is an important factor for the customer engagement management of a hotel to make sure that the customer journey of their guests meet their expectations and desires. Since this can result in many benefits for the hotel, by getting more loyal customers, more customer satisfaction (which will lead to positive recommendations), and more revenue.


Dent, J. (n.d.). Customer Journey Mapping: A Walk In Customers’ Shoes. Ascend Contributor.

Peelen, E., & Beltman, R. (2013). Customer Relationship Management. United Kingdom: Pearon Education Limited.




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