The future of customer service

Nowadays customer want more and more because of all the new technology coming. They expect more from hotels than 10 years ago. A simple “please and “thank you” or service with a smile is not enough anymore. It needs to be faster and better, otherwise people think their time is wasted. (New Times, n.d.)

Therefor hotels need to keep up with the newest technology that will improve their customer service in the hotel industry. Not al new technology will be an improvement for the hotel industry because not all technology can be connected with the hotel industry. However such as social media and new communication channels coming up is very important for the hotel industry to communicate with their customers. This can and is already a very big part in the customer service. Customers can leave reviews on the website, Tripadvisor, Facebook etc. Nowadays it is also possible to talk with a help service directly online. (Leggett, 2013)

Especially the self-service channels, like help service chats and email are increasing rapidly in there usage rate. Consumers want to have a easy access to information and nowadays what is easier than using the internet? Virtual agents are also a very big upcoming and could be very important for the hotel industry, because they can provide consumers in a easy and fast way their information that they need about the hotel and this can improve the customer engagement of the hotel industry. Also new things hotels are starting to use and should be using more in the future are SMS. Consumers use their phone for everything nowadays, it is their most important device, and so it is an easy connection between hotel and customer. So a really important way of choosing which channels to use in the future is looking at the consumer usage. (Leggett, 2013)

However this way of customer service through online communication channels can also be a disadvantage for hotels. Customers can ask and put all opinions online about the hotel. Not all of these questions or opinions have to be positive, the negative feedback can be a bad promotion for the hotel, however it does create a quick option for the hotel to respond on the feedback and improve it in the hotel. (Leggett, 2013)

Due to the fact that consumers nowadays expect more and more from the hotel industry, it is very important that hotels are going to focus on personalizing their customer service and look at what are the usage scenarios for their consumers, so the online communication channel can be improved and focus on new options. This can improve the customer engagement of a hotel in certain aspect very well. (Leggett, 2013)



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One thought on “The future of customer service”

  1. An interesting subject. If you add some examples of hotels that apply the more modern approach to customer service, your blog will become more convincing. The title does not really cover the message from your blog. Formulating a catchy title is very difficult, but it is necessary to at least make a reference to the hotel industry.


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