Personas Focused Behind the Customers Experience

According to Julie Dent (2013), 91% of unsatisfied customers will not come back to the company after a bad experience. In order to make up for a negative experience, the company should deliver 12 positives experiences to the unhappy customers. It means, when a company creates small mistake, it needs double effort to compensate the customer trust. One of the strategy tool to maintain the relationship with the clients is using customer journey mapping.

Customer journey mapping is the process of tracking and describing all the experiences customers have as they encounter a service or set of services, taking into account not only what happens to them, but also their responses to these experiences (Dent, J., 2013). Shortly, it is about understand about each customers experiences during their journey with your company. There is a clear benefits of this strategy for the Cruise Line Company and its customers. By using this approach, Cruise can identify datas collection to better understand the role that each department plays and also how to handle customers. Besides that, this strategy can create customer satisfaction and improve their experiences.

Since every customers has different needs and expectations towards the products and services of Cruise company, they should treat their customers individually. In order to create customer journey mapping strategy, Cruise Line company should do several things.

Firstly, company needs to define different personas, so they have clear understanding about needs and expectations of each customers. For example, business travellers, leisure travellers, family travellers, and special needs travellers. Secondly, they should create the steps in Cruise travel journey and identify it from the perspective of different passengers personas. For example, a customer could be concern about several cases within the “onboard” step, such as What kind of meal will they prepared? What kind of entertainment will they offer for couples? What kind of excursion will they offer for family trip? These outcome will expose the touchpoint within each step that influence the customer experience for each persona. Moreover, it will explain which one is important towards customer experience for each persona of each step. (Dent, J., 2013).

By using this methods, the Cruise Line company could recognise how to interact with different personas, which increases their positive experiences. Moreover, after knowing the expectation of each persona, they could improve the service quality in order to reach the excellent customer experiences, which make the customer arrange another trip with them.


Dent, J. (2013). Customer Journey Mapping: A Walk in Customers’ Shoes. Retrieved from ascendforairlines:


One thought on “Personas Focused Behind the Customers Experience”

  1. The connection between persona’s and customer journey’s is interesting. Did you find more information on either of these concepts in the book or articles you studied?

    You might want to check your text again, since it contains many small mistakes.

    Since this blog is about the cruise industry, you might want to add that to the title.

    On business blogs full names are being used.


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