Mass Customisation: Create your own journey with modules

Everyone dreams of their perfect trip. Everything you ever wanted to do, combined in one journey to the most beautiful destination. But if you do not have the time to plan the whole trip, you are required to go on an organised trip. All of the must sees of the destination are included in that trip, but you are not interested to see all of them. You would like to combine the things you are interested in, in that one trip you were dreaming of for so long. This is possible with mass customisation.

According to Gilmore and Pine, with mass customisation the customer provides unique information to the tour operator, so they can make the product tailor made to their specific needs. The product is not completely individualised, but is not kept in stock as well (Peelen & Beltman, 2013). They divide mass customisation into four approaches: cosmetic customisation, transparent customisation, collaborative customisation and adaptive customisation.

An example of collaborative customisation within the tour operating industry are the ‘building blocks’ of Riksja Travel. They have 40 pages of different countries, with their so called ‘building  blocks’. A building block is a package of a few nights in a small hotel, including excursion and transfers. Their clients can choose the building blocks they like and pass this on to the company. Riksja Travel contact their client to ask about their ideal journey and afterwards they provide a travel proposal. They have specialists for every country and it is always one of these specialists that will contact the client for their own build trip. The company also offers their clients the best transport for their trip, even if they have already booked a flight. If everything is okay, the trip can be booked (Riskja Travel, 2016).

Looking at the Indonesia page, they have building blocks for the different islands of the country. Hereby a few examples of the blocks of Java:

  • ‘Volcanos, temples and beaches’: This is a 5-day trip from Bandung via Cipanas to Pangandaran. During this trip, the travellers will be rewarded with rice fields, active volcanos and beautiful beaches.
  • ‘Biking to Borobudur’: This is a 3-day trip in Yogyakarta. Instead of taking a car, the travellers will bike from Yogyakarta to the Borobudur temple.
  • ‘Expedition Bromo’: This is a 4-day trip from Prambanan through the Eastern part of Java to the Bromo volcano. During this trip, travellers will visit the Prambanan temple and will climb the volcano with a 4 -wheel drive.

(Indonesië Online, 2016)


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