How to Increase the Customers’ Engagement by Playing a Role During Life Events

The central question of this blog is: ‘’How can cruise organisations intensify a relationship by playing a role during important events in people’s lives, by being there at the moments that really matter?’’ Life events are actually moments of truth. They offer unique possibilities for a cruise organisation to prove value to their customers, either positively or in their hour of need. (Peelen & Beltman, 2013

But how do you receive information about important and personal life events? This is of course rather hard information to generate however it is possible according to Davids. Technology helps to analyze all the important customers’ data derived from mainly social media channels. The relevant data will be used for creating and offering a personalized offer at the right moment. Koelemeijer stated that the current customer likes to chat online like he or she used to chat at a physical market. Relevant information can be retrieved from these meaningful conversations by participating in the dialogue. This can be done via diverse social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Muetstege, 2011)

The life event being discussed in this blog is a marriage (proposal). The cruise industry already provides value to their customers during unique occasions by for example: prepare a candlelit dessert, sing a corny but endearing melody or even decorate a room. These efforts are relatively old-fashioned and almost every accommodation provider provides these kind of benefits. So the main question is: ‘’Do a bottle of champagne, rose petals on the bed and a romantic candlelit dinner really engage the customer to your brand and company?’’ (Chrusciel, 2015)

To achieve the above mentioned goal it is important to have access to personalized customer’s profiles with information about their current life situation, prior purchases and their interaction history with your company in order to deliver valuable personalized offers. Especially social media channels are valuable sources to gather relative personal customer information about in this case current life events. So as a cruise organization you have to keep in contact with your customers via the diverse social media channels. This makes it easier to respond to particular life events such as a marriage with a personalized offer. An old-fashioned way to respond to a marriage is via a personalized e-mail or postcard with a unique offer or a special discount. Personalization becomes an increasingly important subject, because 43% of the people in a survey said that they don’t open an e-mail or postcard when it isn’t personalized. (Leggett, 2013)

These ways of using life events are relatively old-fashioned and are used by practically all the competitors as well. Especially due to all the new technologies nowadays more is possible, and this extra step forward in comparison with your competitor will really engage your customer to your brand. Anticipate on your customers’ life events by offering a special wedding suite instead of a normal cabin, offer them a personalized photo book with pictures of their wedding and honeymoon after the cruise or personalize their cabin with a hand-made wedding cake.

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