3 Must-Haves to achieve CEM with Personalized Customer Service

Personalized customer service is a strategy that can’t be missed in the businesses of now. Personalization is adding value to a customer’s choice. But every customer expects different approaches, offers and communication (Shaw, 2011). How can you offer personalized customer service in an effective way in the hotel industry? In this blog I will describe four tricks to achieve Customer Engagement Management with a personalized customer service.

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Every day I receive emails of different hotels that I have visited with special offers, but they are totally not in connection with my interests. Everybody knows these kinds of emails and the first thing you do is delete them. If a hotel continues with just sending random special offers, they cannot build up guest relationships. But what should we, or at least myself, do when we do receive this valuable information on the moment I need this the most? Maybe I’ll tell some of my friends about this valuable information I just received. At least I’ll like their Facebook page or share this information in a personal Facebook post. And that is exactly what this hotel wants to achieve. Me sharing my positive attitude about their brand with my contacts or make me book a holiday trip caused by their valuable information. The biggest challenge this industry faces is collecting the data they need to supply their community with the right value on the right time. Unfortunately (for both providers and purchasers) this challenge is not so easily to achieve. In the steps below I’ll describe 3 tricks that can be used in any circumstances for any provider in the tourism industry

The 3 must-haves to achieve CEM with a successful use of personalized customer service:

  1. Research your guests! Hotels need programs what collects data of all the guests, for example: hobbies, birthdays, age or reasons of staying. Once the information is found, you can apply individual interests to the products and the communication. The data is there to treat every guest as an individual, so every guest feels special in your relationships with them(Pickard, 2015).
  2. Surprise your guests! People love surprises and it is a trend to surprise your guests to give the guests the experience they never would expect. If you surprise them with an element that is in their interest, they will become a loyal customer(Vermeulen, 2016).
  3. Make it personal! With every contact you have with your guest, call them by their name (depends on your target group). Guests will feel welcome and feels like coming home. Guests love to feel comfortable and safe, and that is what they will feel if the communication is personal.

For now you can stand out with a personalized customer service, but it is a matter of time that every hotel applied this in their strategy. So, be a step ahead and get in touch with your guests!



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