The role of Social media in creating customer engagement.

Through social media are social networks easier to reach nowadays and is it for salespeople within the hotel industry much easier to reach a certain social network. It is the job of salesmen within a hotel chain to create a relationship between the hotel and the customer. The most important role of salesmen is to connect a potential guest to their hotel they are working for; nowadays this is mostly done through social media. Therefor is social media a very important aspect for reaching out to a social network and creating a customer engagement between a social network and a hotel chain. (Beltman & Peelen, 2013) In this generation Social media is one of the biggest upcoming frontier to create customer engagement and interaction. This can be done by using Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Forums and the hotel their own website and using their own forums. For hotels it is necessary nowadays to have a Social media customer engagement strategy to keep up with the competitors. (Social Media Customer Engagement, n.d.)

Nowadays it is very easy to reach, as a salesmen within the hotel industry, millions of people through social media. This can be done already by creating a Facebook page for a certain hotel. The Facebook page will receive likes and this will be passed through to other friends, collegeas etcetera of the people who liked the Facebook page. Social media is also a very important factor to create loyalty among the customers and so create a better relationship by offering special deals through Facebook for example. (Social media & the Hospitality industry, n.d.)

For the hotel industry it is very important to keep up with the popularity of social media because of the fact that it can reach a lot of social networks/customers. It is one of the biggest factors to create customer engagement because of the generation that is coming up and who is all involved in the newest technology and Social media trends. Hotels can use the Social media on two different levels. Hotels can use their external social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc, or they can use their own customer community through their own website. Especially using their own customer community services is very useful because it is also possible for them to analyse their market through their own community, which can help create more customer engagement. (Social Media Customer Engagement, n.d.)



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