The Example of Employee Engagement within Airbnb

Employee engagement is nowadays an interest to many organizations, academics, consultants and research agencies. Organizations, where employees feel that using their personal strong qualities makes a difference, are more powerful and successful. Some of the results of employee engagement are: an increase in the organisations´ productivity and profitability, better performances and an increased customer satisfaction. (Deloitte University Press, 2015)

Research shows you have to focus on the people within the organization and act accordingly in terms of; invest, appreciate, connect, guide and inspire. The requirements must, of course, come from two sides, investments of the employer and the employee invests in terms of time and effort. Employee commitment to the organization, with as a business objective ´´success´´, must at least also be addressed by an appropriate culture, a personal leadership style and performance management. (Deloitte University Press, 2015)

Successful organizations that are working on employee engagement make more profit, have a better overall performance, have a fewer unwanted staff turnover, create a great attraction for new talent and a higher customer satisfaction. Engaged employees are therefore an asset to the organization, they are not only motivated by money or status, but by shared values, mission and goals. They do their work not only good but with great commitment and passion and feel responsible for the business results. They are the ambassadors of the organization because they are proud of the brand. Via this method the company tries to get a relationship with the customer. (Beltman & Peelen, 2013)

Best practice

Sometimes you think: is it still possible to create a new customer platform for accommodations? That’s still possible if you look at what Airbnb did.  Airbnb is now active in 192 countries, hires 900 thousand houses and has seventeen offices. But how does Airbnb ensure that all the users feel connected to what the company stands for? Airbnb created a service design with employee engagement as a high priority that automatically uploaded leads to customer satisfaction. (Levy, 2014)

Fifteen people within the organization are already responsible for the experience of the people who keep the business running. Employees with a traditional HR function get in addition responsibilities that are normally found in a different place within the organization. They got assigned objectives and shared values within the fields of facilities, food, citizenship, talent development and recruitment. (Levy, 2014)

To give an example: every room in an Airbnb office is a copy of a room in one of the rented houses. It must ensure that the staff again realizes every day that they are one with the users within the same community. To conclude, if you have satisfied and happy employees, they will do their best to make their customers satisfied and happy as well. (Levy, 2014)

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