Returning customers through automation in the hotel industry

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Normally there are a lot of annoying bits when going to a hotel which may reduce the pleasure of visiting a hotel. For example, the check in cost a lot of time, fortunally there are some hotels who solved this problem. Yotel is one of them, they have an automated check in and out (Yotel). Another hotel that has a automation check in and out is Nordic Choise Hotel, guests can check in prior by using the web or mobile check-in platform. Guests can use their phone as a key for the room (Hopkins, 2011).

In Japan, they opened a hotel called ‘Henn na Hotel’ that is run by robots, entirely. This is the first automated hotel where you enter your hotelroom by facial recognition technology. This way of running a hotel is saving energy and saving costs methode (RELAXNEWS, 2015). Then robots will take care of the room cleaning, transportation of luggage and greeting guests. The creaters have made the robots as human as possible. The robots can blink, breath and make eye contact. Furthermore, they can assess people’s mood by camera’s and microphones (Cuthbertson, 2015). Henn Na hotel calls the concept “The Ultimate in Efficiency.” (Hotel, 2015).

The automation in these hotels ensure returning customers because everything goes quick, it is an environmentally beneficial change and it still has a human aspect because the robots are as human as possible. Customer engagement management is necessary for returning customers. Treacy and Wiersema made a model where de main focus of the company can be seen. They discerned three ‘value disciplines’; operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy (Peelen & Beltman, 2013)

These hotels who already use automated techniques focus on operational excellence because it consitutes the smooth running of the company. The automated techniques provide low costs and thus reduce unnecessary costs. They found a combination between price, quality and ease. Furthermore, these companies also have product leadership because they will always try to aim for a new and innovative product. The hotel in Japan is the first hotel runned by robots so they are very innovative. With these new techniques, they amaze the customer with their new kind of method. The last point is customer intimacy, this involves maintain contact with the customer and make sure the guest has a pleasant stay. Because of the new techniques, the guests’ stay will be as optimal as possible and everything costs less time. The robots have human characteristics so they can treat the guests in a human way and the robots will always be kind. This means that there is no sign of grumpy employees.

The conclusion is that automation in the hotel industry is very good for customer engagement management because they score very well on every sphere of the theory of Treacy and Wiersema. The automation will certainly provide a lot of repeat customers.


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  1. Interesting blogpost to read and a nice example related to the Tourism Industry. For next time make sure to check your grammar and spelling or ask one of your groupmates to check your blogpost. Continue in this way.


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