How to turn your Customers into Social Media Brand Ambassadors

The so called B2C-markets (Business to Consumer) have to make place for the relationships between customers, the C2C-markets (Consumer to Consumer). Nowadays a potential customer depends more on the opinion of other customers and on peer recommendations than on the ‘’push-promotion’’ of organisations. An effect of this change in the customer behaviour is that consumers are taking over the role of promoting an organization on social media. (Beltman & Peelen, 2013)

Social media brand ambassadors in specifically create awareness for your company and besides that they provide your prospects with credible and trustworthy information. 80% of the respondents in a research to the ‘’Loyalty Ripple Effect’’ tries new things based on their friends’ suggestions due to social media. This proves that ambassadors of your brand are increasingly important for every sector and in this case the holiday parks sector in specifically. (Bubich, 2012)

But how do you turn a customer into an ambassador? According to William Arruda (2015) it takes three steps. Via this blog it will become clear how a holiday park can apply this steps to increase the number of brand ambassadors.

Step 1: Get Engaged – Choose me
Your holiday park is chosen for the next holiday of a family within your target group. When the actual holiday takes place you, as an organisation, have to make sure that you deliver on your brand promise. When you don’t succeed the customer doesn’t feel engaged to your brand and becomes a customer of one of your competitors with a similar or higher value. To prevent this to happen you have to take the next steps to help your customers to a higher level of commitment.

Step 2: Get Enamored – Choose me again
This second level of commitment is all about loyal customers who are less sensitive to new developments of the competition. The best way to cultivate loyalty is ‘’authentic loyalty’’, you as a holiday park deliver on your brand promise consistently and as a consequence your loyal customers are more committed to your brand.

Step 3: Get Enthusiastic – Tell others to choose me
This is the final stage of brand commitment where enthusiastic customers can grow your online reach exponentially. This phase is all about how the brand makes the customer feel and it is their personal choice to promote you.

To conclude social media brand ambassadors have a lot of benefits for your holiday park. A brand ambassador is a long-term customer which has a positive effect on the ‘’life-time-value’’ of a customer. These kind of customers cost less, drive referrals and improve your online reputation.


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