The physical arena is essential for creating customer satisfaction in the hotel industry

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Source: Userlike, 2015

In order to be successful in the market a hotel not only needs to attract new customers, they also need to retain existing ones. In order to retain existing customers, hotel groups must implement policies that focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. These policies will make sure that by monitoring customer satisfaction, customer loyalty can be improved and thus benefit the image of the hotel in a positive way.

Especially in the hotel industry, the competitive advantage is to deliver high quality services, which results in satisfied customers (Shemwell et all, 1998). This whole experience clients go through exists of a mix of products and services. According to UKessays (2015) “a hospitality experience such as a hotel stay is a sum total of satisfactions with the individual elements or attributes of all the products and services that make up the experience.”

Thereby, since Sim, Mak & Jones (2006) found a significant link between customer satisfaction and hospitality, it is important for a hotel to get an insight into the service they offer. They “found out that ambiance and hospitality are two significant indicators for customer satisfaction. Hospitality focuses more on the service that is delivered by employees who have direct contact with customers and ambience is more about the atmosphere, architectural design, colour harmony and décor. It is suggested for hotels to provide a high level of service and maintain their hotel to perfection.” (Smout, 2015).

Even according to Dominici (2010) customer satisfaction is significantly linked to quality of service. These hospitality services usually consist out of three elements:
The product itself, for instance a hotel stay; the behaviour of employees who have direct contact with the guests; the environment, such as the furniture, lighting and lobby (UKessays, 2015).

What we can see is a direct link between the importance of the physical arena and customer satisfaction. The physical environment influences the perceived service quality that relate to customer loyalty and customer retention. It is of high importance for the hotel industry to monitor the physical arena as much as they can, so they can profit from the influence it has on their customers and indirectly on their profit.


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