Cutting Edge Corporate Culture Cultivates Superb Customer Experiences

With any product or experience, it is crucial to look for a company to create a loving relationship between the company itself and its clientele. As far as relationship advice goes, there is a common theme of taking care of oneself first before one can fully give themselves to another. Corporate culture can be defined as “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions” (Investiopedia LLC, 2015). The corporate culture of a business is often not publicaly shared, but implied through every day activities with customers and businesses. This can be mirrored through employee dress code, employee benefits, employee turnover, and even by how well clients are treated.

Looking within Transavia, a low cost Dutch airline in the European transportation industry, the corporate culture appears to be thriving.  Photographs on Instagram show Transavia employees enjoying their workday by talking selfies with guests mid flight, showcasing new uniforms, and attending world class sports events.

As a great example, in early 2015, Transavia worked with its employees to design new uniforms for both men and women. “We want to continue investing substantially in our people,” explains Managing Director – Chairman Mattijs ten Brink. “These uniforms fit in perfectly with the new Transvia. They enable employees to even better express the sentiment and story of this fabulous airline in coming years” (Transavia, 2015).

Source: Transavia's Corporate Instagram
Source: Transavia’s Corporate Instagram

Through co-creation with its main stakeholders, Transavia employees were able to discuss what kind of clothing would be comfortable for them in all aspects of their positions, including indoor and outdoor activities. The employees were delighted to assist in this idea generating process, and some even made their own items of clothing to bring their ideas to life. As a result, the cabin crews have twenty three articles of clothing to choose from. For both men and women, each employee has a variety of comfortable, breathable clothing to choose from. For example, a stewardess has a complete wardrobe including trousers, a skirt, dress, blouse, T-shirt, cardigan, coat, vest, scarf, belt, overcoat, and winter scarf/shawl. “Employees who subscribe to norms and values which apply within the company may become emotionally involved in the organization and are prepared to make extra efforts in the interest of the relationships (Horovitz and Panak, 1992). Furthermore, all of these exciting clothing options have boosted individual and team based morale, allowed for a comfortable working environment, and proven to Transavia employees that their opinions and ideas truly matter.

Source: Transavia's Corporate Instagram
Source: Transavia’s Corporate Instagram

Walt Disney said it best, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends,” (KissMetrics, 2015). While the airline industry varies from a destination or theme park, Transavia is an excellent example of a company paving the way in all areas of customer engagement management. With their new branding revealed in the past year, all areas of the customer experience are monitored, evaluated and cared for in attentive, colorful detail. And along with their customers, an outsider looking in can clearly see content, well cared for employees. Coincidence? Hardly not.

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One thought on “Cutting Edge Corporate Culture Cultivates Superb Customer Experiences

  1. A good start. The subject of the blog is interesting and you show inspiring examples. A couple of tips:
    – in the first paragraph you can explain the relationship between customer engagement strategy and employee engagement more in depth
    – also references of pictures should be APA style
    – stay objective and always proof your statements. “Transavia is an excellent example of a company paving the way in all areas of customer engagement management.”is not proven in this article.
    – you may want to add capitals and spacing to your name.


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